Mei jiao Luntsang
Do you have need of gaming server?

In the world of Gaming and Esport; you are research or looking for a best gaming server for your esport team. What of best ! Have a fast server for games with your game friend

Mei jiao Luntsang
Do you know League Of Legend? I am playerwoman with this play games

Discover the best gaming server for play at League Of Legand

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About me

My life! Wish you how know more

My identity

Name  Luntsang

Firstname Mei jiao

Year 26

Adress Castle Downs, Edmonton, Canada


My job in a web agency

Job Community manager

Skill Server administrator, staff gaming, webdesign = photoshop and Illustrator

My familial life


i am a mother, whit a little baby who at 2 years. I am divorced, married during one years with my hunsband.

Today i live my life with my baby, i passionned of Gaming and Computer